Dealing With Illegal Immigration


If you pour molasses on the floor, you're going to draw ants. You can block the ants' entrance, but sooner or later they will find another way in. You can try to gather up the ants and put them back outside, but they will continue to come in until you clean up the molasses.

The problem with illegal aliens in the United States cannot be solved until we clean up the molasses, which in the case of illegal immigration is employment. And although employers pay the illegal aliens petty wages, it is still much more than they would make back home.

The only way to deal with illegal immigration affectively is to remove the incentives that draws them here. Governments at all levels need to enforce our laws and crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens. It should be made a felony to employ people without first going through proper channels, including e-verify, to check the applicants' background. The stimulus program which President Obama just signed, spending over $700 bilion, does not require e-verify to be used for any of the thousands of jobs that it will supposedly create. Therefore, any of these numerous jobs (paid for by United States tax payers) could very easily be given to illegal aliens. How is that going to help our economy?

Governments should not be granting driver's licenses, food stamps, public schooling or any other social services to those who reside here illegally. It is totally unnecessary to track down any illegal aliens. If they cannot find work, and do not have access to any public services, the vast majority of them will have little reason to remain here.

The United States was once a leading country that others used to look up to. Illegal immigration is dragging us down into being another third-world. What good does this do anyone in the long run? In order to improve the quality of other countries, their problems must be solved where they originate, rather than unload their problems on the United States, turning us into a cesspool.

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